Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cool and Funny Hindi WhatsApp Status - CuteSMS

Whatsapp has become daily need for everyone. Communication through whatsapp has become more important rather than communicating on mobile phones.  Nowadays, if something is going into your head, you keep your whatsapp status of what is going into your head. Even if something happened in your life you keep your whatsapp hindi status like “Bored of people around me”.
It means that you don’t want to tell the world but your sake you just keep what your feel in your mind and heart. If someone feels  like asking you he will ask. The same things if you love someone and you can’t tell him/her as well has the world you can keep  Love Hindi Status on your whatsapp. It  means you are expressing your feeling to the one whom you are loving a lot and also telling the world how much you love him/her has well.

There are lots of whatsapp status you will find on CuteSMS. Instead of thinking what to keep just find it on You will get Love Whatsapp Status,  Hindi SMS, Whatsapp Hindi Status, Marathi Whatsapp Status and so on.You just don’t need to think and write your status. You just have to grab it from cutesms and make your status the best one each and everyday.
You will also get cool and funny whatsapp rocking status.  Keep your status changed always. Keep sometimes funny whatsapp status, sometimes cool status on your whatsapp and sometimes love whatsapp status. You can change it daily and according to your needs. On festive occasion, you can keep your status festive. Make your status the best one so that everyone can grab your status and keep the same.

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