Sunday, 15 January 2017

Birthday - The Most Awaited Moment Of Life

The most precious day of our life is our birthday. Birthdays comes in a year but the day is so special that we wait for the day to come in our life. We are happier when our friends birthday arrives. Hindi Birthday SMS is the easiest way of telling your friends that you remember his/her birthday every year. We do send Cute Birthday SMS exactly at 12 am to make your friend feel special.

Birthday boy/girl wait on its birthday to receive tons of messages from your friends, relatives, family and love ones. Even we wait for a gift from our parents as well from our love ones. The best way to send one more hidden gift to your friend on his/her birthday is a small SMS card where you can write the best Birthday SMS and can dedicate to your friend or your love what you exactly feel on this day.

There are so many ways to wish your friend or love or relative on their birthday like calling them and wishing them but you can't express your birthday feeling as you can express via birthday SMS. Cute Hindi SMS are the best ways to express your feelings. Find all types of Hindi SMS Collection on CuteSMS.

The one who is receiving your birthday message can feel down to earth by reading such kind of beautiful birthday wishes. Make your friends feel so special that they will never forget your birthday message and love on this occasion. Make your friend birthday memorable, have a birthday blast, cut the cake with a beautiful message written on the cake and gift a friend or love the hand made a birthday greeting card with a beautiful birthday message written on it. This is how you can make your love ones feel special on his/her birthday occasions.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Jokes – Most Important Aspect To Make Your Life Happy

Life is all about tension and problems. Sometimes there is happiness, and sometimes there is sadness. We just need to keep balancing our life.Happiness is a big part of our life. We can keep ourselves and others happy by sending Marathi jokes to each other. Good and Funny Jokes make your life more interesting and have a significant impact on life as well.

Without Funny jokes, fun, and laughter the world would become frowns. While reading interesting Marathi funny SMS we tend to forget our problems in life and keep smiling for a while. Funny Jokes makes people laugh and feel like a kid again. Jokes can make your life worth living. We can keep challenging our life negativity and can turn into positive. We should always question our life that even though there is a bad time we are converting into a real time. Funny jokes prevent all negativity getting a hold you from inside and make it blow positively.  Marathi jokes funny to make your life worth smiling.


 Best time to share your Marathi funny jokes is when you have your lunch or having coffee or whenever you are seating idle. This is the best time to send SMS to your friends. Bonding is also important in your life. Keep your bonding more secure by keeping in touch with your buddies, colleagues, family members with this beautiful Jokes. Grab all types of Jokes from Cute SMS Hindi.

Adding funny words in between when you are talking with someone makes your conversation more interesting and your bonding more strong. It keeps engaged in conversation. It keeps your mind fresh and your heart happy. So always try to keep yourself happy with small things in your life.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Cool and Funny Hindi WhatsApp Status - CuteSMS

Whatsapp has become the daily need for everyone. Communication through WhatsApp has become more important rather than communicating on mobile phones.  Nowadays, if something is going into your head, you keep your WhatsApp status of what is going into your head. Even if something happened in your life you keep your WhatsApp Hindi status like “Bored of people around me”.

It means that you don’t want to tell the world but your sake you just keep what your feel in your mind and heart. If someone feels like asking you he will ask. The same things if you love someone and you can’t tell him/her as well has the world you can keep  Love Hindi Status on your WhatsApp. It means you are expressing your feeling to the one whom you are loving a lot and also telling the world how much you love him/her has well.

There are lots of WhatsApp statuses you will find on CuteSMS. Instead of thinking what to keep just find it on You will get Love Whatsapp Status,  Hindi SMS, Whatsapp Hindi Status, Marathi Whatsapp Status and so on.You just don’t need to think and write your status. You just have to grab it from CuteSMS and make your status the best one each and every day.

You will also get cool and funny WhatsApp rocking status.  Keep your status changed always. Keep sometimes funny Whatsapp status, sometimes cool status on your WhatsApp and sometimes love WhatsApp status. You can change it daily and according to your needs. On the festive occasion, you can keep your status festive. Make your status the best one so that everyone can grab your status and keep the same.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

10 Beautiful Love SMS Hindi To Send Your Love Ones

Everyone feels better when we receive a lovely SMS from your loved ones i.e your relatives, friends, colleagues, parents and so on.

Hindi Love SMS by our loved ones can only bring the smile on our face and can give you a charming experience. Love SMS from our loved ones does not need any conversation, even without talking to each other love messages bring the smile on our face.

The only way to keep your relation strong with your loved ones is to send Hindi Love SMS daily.

Here are some interesting Love SMS, Hindi SMS which you can send to your friends daily.

Hazaaro raat mey jagaha hu..sonaa chahata hu ab,
Tujey milkey mey ye palakey..bigoona chahata hu ab,
Bahut dundaa hey tujh koh khud mey..itana thak gaya hu mey,
kie khud koh sop kar tuje koh..Khonaa chahata hu mey!

Piyaar naam hey sukh dukh key afsaanoh ka..
piyaar raaj hey sadaa muskuraney ka..
Yaha koi pal do pal kha naata nahie..
Piyaar toh vaada hai umra bar saath nibaney ka..!!

Tumar aang-aang humarie mohabat kie gavai dega,
Meine laboh sey terey badan pey liki hai prem kahani,
Mujasey muu mod kar tum jiski saiz par baithi ho,
Uskey kaabu mey naa aayega teraa muhaa teri jawani!!

Jaher dek key pieyaa toh kiyaa piyaa
Ishq socch smaj key kieyaa toh kyaa kiyaa
Dil dey key badaley mey dil leney kie umeed kie
Aisaa piyaar kiyaa tohh kyaa piyaar kiyaa!

Apanee dil kee baat unasey keha nahee sakatey,
bin kahey binaa jee be nahee skatey,
hey kudaa aisaa taqdir banaa ki,
Woh hum sey khudd aakey kahey kie,
“hum aap key binaa jee nhee sakatey”!

Merey jahaa mey basey hey woh..
Jaisey ghul meu khusbu , khayalo mey aati jati..
Merey yehasaaso mey shaamil woh..
Chinarkey pathoon pey shabnam see jannat kie final hey woh!!

Sapano kee duniyaa kitani ajeeb lagatee hai..
Joothee he sahee par har kushee naseeb toh hotie hai..
Beyshakk aatey hey sapaney kuchh pal key liyee..
Par inn paloo mey jannat kitani kareeb hoti hai!!!

Mey dil bankey tuje mey dhadkungi
Mey khusbu bankey teri saanson mey mehakungi
Terey har aansu ko pee jaaungi
Terey cheharey ko muskaam sey sajaaungi
Na tujey khud sey dur jaaney dungi
Naa khud tujasey dur jaaungi!!

Zindagee ko piyaar hum apasey jyaada nhee karatey,
Kisie pey eitabaar apasey jyaada nahee karatey,
Aap jee sakey merey binaa toh acchee baat hai,
Hum jee lengey apakey binaa ye vaada nahe karatey!!

Leher aatiee hey kinaarey sey palat jatee hey..
Yaad aatie hey dil mey seemat jatee hey..
Farakk itanaa he hai kee leharr beywaqt aatee hey..
AUR apakee yaad har waqtt aatee hai!!

The easiest way to communicate to your loved ones is just sent this love Hindi SMS and bring the smile on their face.It is well sais that texting is a language of the heart when words are inadequate.

Every person who is in love appreciates love messages from loved ones. I hope you like our love messages. Please keep visiting CuteSMS and also subscribe us to get latest updates. We will appreciate if you can like our page on facebook and keep visiting us.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Valentine Day SMS - Express Your Feeling To Your Love

 Hey Valetine is coming! Its time to convey your feeling to the one whom you love the most

What is love if you don't express it? You love your parents, siblings, and friends. But when you fall in love with someone special, it's a whole new feeling, and sometimes expressing that love is confusing. There are many ways to share your feelings with someone you love, but the easiest way to make your Valentine feel special is to send one of our love SMS to her.

Use SMS to say "I love you." If you're far away, or in the middle of a busy day, send a "Miss You!" SMS to let your sweetheart know they're on your mind. Love needs expression to stay alive. Keep yours glowing with our SMS service!

If you want to send a special, Hindi Romantic SMS to someone, especially on Valentine's Day, you can find many helpful sites on the internet. These sites offer free SMS service, which you can use to send a message to someone special. You can even customize your message, add a beautiful image, and email it to the one you love.

Don't wait to express your love.There are many ways in your life to declare your love or propose to your sweetheart, but I suggest the best of modern alternatives may be a beautiful SMS, sent quickly and easily. Find the latest collection of SMS love messages and Valentine's Day SMS on CuteSMS.